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This is an intro kit with 3 of our popular products for you to try, in mini 2 oz sizes.

This kit contains 2 oz each of Lavender Brush Cleaner, Lean Medium and Linseed Oil.


2 oz Lavender Brush Cleaner- A safer alternative to turpentine and mineral spirits products. Rinse your brushes in the Studio Brush Cleaners during painting, use as you would other solvents while painting lean in conjunction with our other products, and after painting sessions with our soap bar to thoroughly clean brushes prior to storing.


2 oz Lean Medium- This archival-quality medium thins oil paints and decreases drying time. The oil in CCS Lean Medium is cold-pressed, purified, and de-yellowed by traditional, natural processes. Lavender gives the medium a strong, sweet smell. Recommended for use in the early layers of your painting while painting fat-over-lean.


2 oz Linseed Oil- This is the palest and cleanest pure linseed oil available to artists. Washed and filtered to remove impurities, it darkens less and yellows less than other linseed oils. Use CCS Linseed Oil to brighten up your fine oil paintings. This medium greatly improves the acidity and decreases the drying time of oil colors.


This kit does not contain any additional packaging. 

Intro to Chelsea Kit

SKU: 87600
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