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“There is only one correct way to clean and preserve brushes of any kind. Immediately after use, the paint or varnish should be thoroughly rinsed out with the appropriate solvent..."
~Ralph Mayer (1895-1979) excerpt from The Artist's Handbook.




No Carcinogenic Fumes,

No Turpentine, 

No Petroleum.


CCS Lavender Brush Cleaner is a safer, natural alternative to turpentine, odorless petroleum mineral spirits, and other toxic solvents. CCS Citrus Essence Brush Cleaner is made from 100% natural distilled citrus fruit. Either brush cleaner should be used to clean paint from brushes while painting, and to thoroughly clean brushes after painting.

After cleaning with the solvent, use the Lavender & Olive Oil Soap to further clean and moisturize the brush hairs so that they perform better and last longer.

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