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"The painting rises from the brushstrokes
as a poem rises from the words. The meaning
comes later."
~Joan Miró (1893-1983)

Chelsea Classical Studio is proud to present the patented Nuovo Brush System. This visionary reinvention revolutionizes all aspects of the oil painting brush to improve control, balance, comfort, and convenience. The Nuovo Brush includes extra long bristle hairs with a lateral support ferrule, counterbalanced handle, removable counterweight extension, and self-adhesive medallions for storage.

The extra long hairs hold more paint and promote soft edges, control while painting wet-into-wet, and sensitive blending properties. The patented ferrule holds the shape better and prevents the lateral splay of conventional brushes.

The Nuovo brush has the longest handle on the market offering painters more distance between them and their painting. The handle is weighted towards the back for better balance, preventing wrist strain or the need to “choke up” and hold it towards the front. 

The patented, removable counterweight extension attaches to the back and creates a uniquely balanced brush when the brush is held at the logo. Painting with the extension attached allows the brush to glide evenly and effortlessly across the canvas, and at nearly 20” long the extended brush allows even more distance from the canvas. 

The self-adhesive medallion attaches conveniently to any surface in your studio. It can be used to stand the magnetic brush upright on a table or hang the brush upside down from your easel. Use any under-utilized space in your studio to store your brushes. The medallions are perfect for hanging your brushes after washing them.

Exclusively offered through Jerry’s Artarama!

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