Rick Piloco Painting Demonstration, Alla Prima Portraiture, December 22, 2016, 2 hours

Rick set up the model [behind left] under a store light [above] and painted her at an angle while she looked in another direction.  The model was angled to have a good balance of light and dark moments.  The canvas is white initially (not pre-tinted) and sits on a tripod travel easel.  Rick prefers to set up his palette on another stand in front of him so that he can easily mix colors and aids while he is teaching and talking


Surface: Rick uses oil pre-primed canvases (not acrylic) on stretcher or mounted on board.  [Rick re-stretched the canvas and used the canvas keys to make the canvas more taught as it was loose.]

Oils: Rick mixes his paint brands and feels that there are some colors that you can not get in particular brands.

Palette: Rick uses two whites: flake white and a lead white; one white is more yellow and the other more blue.

Brushes: Rick prefers to use the largest possible brushes for as long as possible, especially when painting alla prima.  He generally tries to use only two brushes, one for lights and one for dark colors.  Rick uses square, flat, bright or filbert shapes but will use them all depending on what is available.

Medium: Chelsea Classical Studio School of Fine Arts (CCS) lean medium [this version was custom blended for Rick as a test using 50% Spike Oil & 50% home made sun thickened linseed oil).  The regular CCS Lean Medium is 50% linseed oil & 50% Spike Oil.

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